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Pleased to be back at 1000 Lakeside North Harbour

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After a couple of months away I have returned my artwork to Lakeside North Harbour, Portsmouth, Hants.

My new display is on the 2nd Floor, West Wing outside 'Changes' Clinic of Excellence.

I currently have 8 paintings on display including my newest projects - Neon Duplex and Fluro Fems alongside a couple of Pop Art classic portraits of Marilyn Monroe and Twiggy.

This will be the home for these artworks for the forseeable future but I like to keep things fresh so certain pieces will be swapped and moved from time to time and, of course, as sales happen artworks will be replaced.

So, if you are working in, or visiting the 1000 Lakeside North Harbour complex feel free to view the display (2nd Floor West Wing - Out of lift, turn left and left again). All works are for sale and offers are considered.

Many thanks to Carlly at Lakeside Reception for all the help and info.

For more info please contact me - [email protected]

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