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Press Release - Sopranos Restaurant Exhibition

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17 October 2011


An award-winning Italian restaurant located in Southsea is now famous not just for their food, but also for their art. Soprano’s is providing local artists with an opportunity to show and sell their work without any commission. It has displayed over 40 artists so far.


Tommy Peters, the director of Soprano’s, says: “It started when we had a little re-fit and after removing a few mirrors and old pictures we realised we were left with a huge empty white wall. A few of my friends and some of our customers were aspiring artists so we decided to give them the chance to display and maybe sell some work, while at the same time brightening up our wall and restaurant”.


Anna Edwards, a 27-year old artist whose paintings are on display in Soprano’s from 17 October, says: “Portsmouth has a lot of creative people but not so many exhibition venues. Soprano’s is giving the local artists a chance to show their artwork in a great location where many people will be able to see it“.


Each show usually features two artists and lasts six to eight weeks. The artwork is available for sale, and because the restaurant does not take any commission, the prices are very affordable. An original oil painting can cost you no more than a price of a good dinner.


 “We’re just happy to showcase creative local artists, particularly at a time when government cuts have severely hit the art sector. Our customers seem to love it as well, and even when they don’t it gets them talking!” says Tommy.


The new show has started in Soprano’s on 17 October. It features art by two local artists – Dominic Joyce and Anna Edwards.

Dominic is a local artist and designer. His brand new pieces are on display for their first showing at the Soprano’s exhibition featuring striking and colourful artworks.

Anna is a Russian artist living in Southsea. Sunlight and colour are the main themes of her impressionist “Garden Series” paintings which are inspired by the beauty of a summer garden.


Soprano’s Ristorante Italiano
108 Palmerston Road, Southsea, Hampshire PO5 3PT


Any artist / photographers interested in displaying their work need to contact Tommy either in the restaurant 02392 811139 or they can email [email protected].


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Photo: Tommy Peters, the director of Soprano’s, and artwork by Dominic Joyce and Anna Edwards.

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